UX - App Concept

This project was created for educational purpose as part of the Digital Design Industry Program from Tractor School in Sydney.

Brief: Design an app for rugby fans to use during the world cup. The app allows users to access player and team stats as well as fun facts and information. The app concept focuses on the Wallabies team only. 

Role: Concept, sketching, prototype, testing


Results: An interactive app where you can learn facts and funny stories about the players. The gaming component engages users to discover statistic data.

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I am a Graphic Designer based in Sydney, Australia. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City; a Graduate Diploma and a Master’s degree in Design from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia; and a Diploma in Marketing and Fine Arts from Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.


I am a multi-disciplinary well-rounded designer who enjoys collaborating with like-minded people. My experience and skills include editorial design, catalogues, POS, advertisement, EDMs, web, marketing collateral, infographics, environmental, signage, packaging design, maps, video editing and more.


I have experience working with a wide variety of industries from small companies to multi-national corporations. I consider myself lucky to have worked in different design fields, as part of a team, freelancer and sole designer. As an in-house designer, I have had the opportunity to understand the brands from the inside and what drives business decisions and strategies. As an agency designer I have had the opportunity to understand the design thinking and explore new angles to approach problems. 


Throughout my career I have explored different paths and have arrived at the conclusion that design is more than using software and understanding technicalities – it is way of thinking, problem-solving and can make the world a better place. I believe it is important to have diverse knowledge and skills to produce solutions, to collaborate across disciplines and to be socially responsible. 


I also have a visual arts practice. It took me some time to understand and separate design from art even though they intersect. I like to view art and to create my own – paintings, mixed-media and sculpture. It is very important for me to express myself creatively, to explore and feel through my projects. By doing so I stay alive and remind myself who am I.